About Meagan Finlay

A day in the life of Meagan Finlay

Meagan Finlay is an exceptional athlete. Along with her dog, Pistol, they participate in many athletic competitions throughout the United States. They compete in Dog Agility. This may not be a common sport known to many, but it requires a lot of cardiovascular activity and training from Meagan and Pistol.

Meagan had to weave through many poles to get to where she is now. Although Meagan is not the one weaving, she is the one training her dogs. Since the age of 9, Meagan has shown an interest in the sport and furthered her interest when she approached Lourdes Edlin, a dog trainer, in the Miami Seaquarium during a dog performance. Lourdes took Meagan on as an apprentice and thus this young athlete blossomed to become a national competitor.

Meagan and Pistol’s specialty- the 60-pole weaves. They won 2 Eastern Regional competitions and took podium rankings for the National 2008 and 2009 competitions for the biggest dog challenge competition, the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge. The duo has also competed nationally in the Agility course, but their proven path is shown with their medals in the 60-weaves.

Dog Agility is not the only thing Meagan trains for everyday.  Meagan is an outstanding student participating in National Honor Society and each year and excelling in Japanese, Music and U.S History. She has the ability to balance dogs, music, and a 4.0 GPA (4.5 weighted GPA).   

In her freshman year, Meagan founded and became President of the Japanese Club teaching other students about Japan and its culture.  Meagan was also associated with the Japanese National Honor Society along with her President status of the Japanese Club for each year of her involvement in high school. She also volunteers at Miami Hoshuko Japanese School organizing books and cultural activities. Each year, Meagan shows off her Japanese skills with her ability to write guest’s names using Japanese calligraphy and teaching the art of origami at the Annual Asian Festival located at the Fruit and Spice Park in Miami. With her passion of the Japanese background, Meagan convinced her family to travel to Japan to experience the customs of modern day Japan in the summer of 2009.

Although Japanese and dog challenges might be a prominent interest in Meagan’s life right now, she has never lost her affection for music and her superiority with her vocal and instrumental performances.  Beginning at an early age, Meagan’s first love was singing and playing the piano. She has climbed to a Superior Level in District and State vocal performances after joining chorus in high school and being required to get a private teacher. Meagan was elected President of Chorus her senior year by her peers. Meagan is also a part of her school’s Music Club. The group raises money and collects instruments in support of under-privileged schools music programs.

Amazing at all levels. Meagan, now a senior, is ready to advance to new levels of competition, organization and education.