Meagan's Adventure

A day in the life of Meagan Finlay

Meagan Finlay is an exceptional athlete. Along with her dog, Pistol, they participate in many athletic competitions throughout the United States. They compete in Dog Agility. This may not be a common sport known to many, but it requires a lot of cardiovascular activity and training from Meagan and Pistol.

Meagan had to weave through many poles to get to where she is now. Although Meagan is not the one weaving, she is the one training her dogs. Since the age of 9, Meagan has shown an interest in the sport and furthered her interest when she approached Lourdes Edlin, a dog trainer, in the Miami Seaquarium during a dog performance. Lourdes took Meagan on as an apprentice and thus this young athlete blossomed to become a national competitor.

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Dynamic Duo

A sibling team of dog trainers wins awards and attention

November 8, 2009 in The Miami Herald/Neighbors by Sue Arrowsmith

At the Finlays' Pinecrest home, the f-word is not allowed. That's ``f'' for Frisbee.

The slightest mention of the word makes Gunnar, an Australian shepherd who can snatch flying discs in mid air in record time, ``flip out.''

The Finlays -- and their dogs -- are not your typical family.

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